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Phil Ziganto

Phillip Ziganto


Hello, I'm Philip Ziganto. I was born and raised in New Jersey, but several years ago I moved to South Carolina and couldn't be happier. It's a wonderful place to live and work and southern hospitality can't be beat.

On the personal side, I also enjoy fishing and sports. Football and wresting in my youth taught me not only about teamwork, but about the satisfying results of a hard job well done. Hard work really is its own reward. I'm a proud uncle, who spends as much time with his nieces and nephew as he can.

"Home is where one starts from" and "home is the nicest word there is" are two quotes that nutshell why I enjoy the great rewards that real estate offers. I love the gratifying challenge of finding people their perfect safe haven called home.

I won't rest until I find *your* perfect home. I pride myself on my availability to my clients and on my passion for achieving the best results for them.  

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