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Aundrea Gibbs


Hi, my name is Aundrea Gibbs. Six years ago I followed in my father and late grandfather's footsteps and began selling real estate. I have a natural passion for the work I do and it shows in the quality of my work. I take pride in being the best agent I can be. It is stressful sometimes, but, also, very rewarding. I am the Fannie Mae liaison for Gibbs Realty and enjoy building relationships with my clients. I also find it very rewarding to work with buyers and investors because I know that in some way, however big or small, I'm helping to enrich their lives through home ownership.

I am privileged to be Mom to two amazing children, Kayla and Dayvonn. Kayla is 12 years old and becoming a beautiful young lady. Dayvonn is 6 years old and at the age where everything is "creepy", but his energy and laughter is contagious. They are truly my greatest accomplishment to date.